A Second Chamber Should Replace Council Of State In Playing Advisory Role To Govt – J.A Kuffour

A Second Chamber Should Replace Council Of State In Playing Advisory Role To Govt – J.A Kuffour

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor says it is time Ghana abolished the Council of State concept in its governance structure.

He said the Council has outlived its usefulness in the current democratic dispensation.

“I have had a chance to express my views on the Council of State, very honourable distinguished institution, well-meaning. But, I can say I don’t think it is fit for purpose given the state of development of our country and given the fact that the nation is committed to practicing democratic governance.”

The former President said this at a seminar organised by the Professor Mike Oquaye Centre for Constitutional Studies at the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA), in Aburi, Eastern Region, on Tuesday.

The seminar formed part of a series of engagements the Institute is undertaking to solicit input toward a possible review of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution.

The former President proposed that, instead of the Council of State, the country should set up a second chamber of Parliament to play the advisory role to the government.

Former President Kufuor describes Council of State as not fit for purpose.

In recent times, the relevance of the Council of State has been questioned with some political commentators, academia and civil society organisations suggesting that the body has outlived its usefulness, thus should be abolished.

Former President Kufuor explained that though the framers of the Constitution thought it wise to set up such a body to advise the President, the Council is no longer useful.

He said,” We limit the uses of Council of State to advising just the President,” and that often, the President decided whether or not to take the advice.

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