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Authored by yours truly, Dr. Richard Eghan.

Authored by yours truly, Dr. Richard Eghan.

An inspirational message to all my beloved readers, listeners and viewers!

Authored by yours truly, Dr. Richard Eghan. Like many people born into this world, I was not born with silver spoon in my mouth!

And I am glad to tell you that I didn’t get to where I am today without having to; scale over many hurdles, defeat many challenges and also without having to prove myself to be serious, tough, focused, determined and resilient…along the way.

Sometimes those who don’t know me may think it has always been smooth, easy and simple. Those who don’t know where it all began for me may think it has always been a bed of roses for me and walk in the park for picnic!

I have had to work very hard to become who I am today…I am Dr. Richard Eghan, a respected and renowned integrative physician and global health expert and human behavioral scientist, because I worked just too hard for it and have even deprived myself of many hours of quality sleep because I have always dreamt to be named among the best achievers in this life.

I am not fully there yet, but I know I will, one day soon.

Instead of hating or envying me and/ or trying to destroy me because of who I am or better still, who I have become today, kindly join me to celebrate my humble achievements and success, thus far!

Some people can’t bear to hear people like my good self, speaking about things we have achieved in this life…because they have always wanted to hear us speak about our problems and challenges alone!

Our world is full of hypocrisy. Because some people want to control and dominate everyone in the family and in the society they will go every length even destroy the destinies of others…they even try to destroy you…and when they fail to get you, THEY HURT THOSE WHO ARE DEAR AND CLOSE TO YOUR HEART. And they think you will never find out.


They can’t even believe you can become a force to reckon with…they can’t bear to hear that you are rubbing shoulders with aristocrats as well as walking among the elites and luminaries across nations.

One of the most remarkable things I have learned in life so far is, we are in some kind of unhealthy competition sometimes with people we don’t even know. Some one could be praying for the failure of all the things you are working very hard for right now!

They always hope and pray that you don’t ever make it in life out of sheer envy and jealousy! That person could be your one of your dearest and nearest who cannot bear to see you shining effulgently in the Limelight! That person could be your own brother or sister…or your dearest friend or what have you?.

But thank God, some of us have survived and overcome the worst, and have reached this far by the Grace and Causeless Mercies of the Most High.

All thanks and praises to my great loving mother who did her very best to protect me with pure unquenching love not to mention, her unflinching desire to educate me and bring the best out me right from my infancy. I also owe some heart-felt gratitude to some of my wonderful siblings and friends who have always stood by me and have always been there for me through thick and thin.

Beloved, do not let anything push you away from your dreams…there should be nothing bigger, stronger and more powerful to overcome your perseverance, tenacity and power to create, survive and reach the UNREACHABLE!

Enjoy the rest of the day with best wishes of peace and optimum health from me,

Yours truly, Dr. Richard Eghan

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