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AIMS Celebrates females in STEM related fields

AIMS Celebrates females in STEM related fields

Celebrates females in STEM related fields

The IDWGS, which falls on the 10th of February each year, is a day set aside by UNESCO and UN Women in collaboration with institutions and civil society partners to promote women and girls in science.
AIMS Ghana has fully championed female participation in STEM related fields.

According to Mr. Abdourahamane Diallo, UNESCO Ghana said, the center has engaged females over the years, with alumni taking the spotlight in various areas especially in, Pure Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Climate Science, Climate Modelling etc.

He said, additionally, there are programs run at the center that target girl-child empowerment in science such as the Girls in Mathematical Sciences Program (GMSP) which has been a success.

Female students are encouraged to dress SMART (AIMS T-shirt and Jeans trousers) and look positive.
Male counterparts could support females as “no gender should be left behind” in breaking stereotypes with regards to women in science.

The story by Fada Amakye from Daily

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