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CIMG launches 2023 annual national marketing performance awards.

CIMG launches 2023 annual national marketing performance awards.

CIMG launches 2023 annual national marketing performance awards.

The chartered institute of marketing Ghana has Organized a press conference to announce this years national marketing performance awards 2023

Mr. Theodore Osae, vice President of CIMG said, For 33 years, CIMG has consistently held the annual national marketing performance awards with the upcoming one being the 34th. There is no denying that the scheme has incredibly evolved into what could be considered Ghana’s benchmark awards scheme he stated.

As we take delight in the successes achieved by our awards, i wish to boldly say that the CIMG takes pride in the several landmark accomplishments, which have greatly contributed towards improvements in organisational and professional performances, especially so for practicing marketers.

Mr. Theodore Osae, vice President of CIMG and chairman of the awards planning said, Being mindful of these achievement, the institute has resolved to keep the stakes very high and as relevant as possible so that the standards by which we assess individual and corporate performances are not compromised.

We are committed to keeping the awards processes simple, transparent, and fair. This level of dedication has driven us, as a responsive institution, to consistently introduce new and progressive ideas, geared at adding value to the category, the processes, and the procedures involved.

Mr. Theodore Osae, vice president of CIMG, said, We have, for the past few years, adopted the online system of completing the awards questionnaire by nominees as well as online assessment for the judges, who are chosen from various sectors of the corporate world.

This set up has made it easy for CIMG to continue to drive a rigorous process, maintaining the standards and credibility thereof.

He said, CIMG will continue to review and introduce new elements to ensure relevance and to bring excitement to the CIMG awards.

In said in the process of selecting award winners,The CIMG awards usually go through a rigorous process as follows:

1. We first notify organisations to start compiling the key marketing related activities in their awards categories for the year under consideration.

2. Adverts are then placed electronically, in the national dailies , letters sent out and published on social media, to solicit nominations for the various award categories, and per the set criteria.

3. Nominated candidates are oriented and asked to complete a very detailed questionnaire to justify their choice.

4. The completed questionnaires and supporting documents are reviewed, with the support of focus groups, drawn from captains of industry and academia, and guided by our research partners.

Story by Fada Amakye . Daily

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