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COA-RMLC warns against brand misuse and misrepresentation

COA-RMLC warns against brand misuse and misrepresentation

COA-RMLC warns against brand misuse and misrepresentation

Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, the President General of COA Research & Manufacturing Limited Company (COA-RMLC) has expressed concern over individuals exploiting the COA brand for their products, falsely claiming similarities and misrepresenting affiliations with COA-RMLC.


At a press conference today in Accra, Professor Duncan emphasized the uniqueness and confidentiality of the COA formula, cautioning consumers to be vigilant against misleading claims and to purchase COA products exclusively from authorized distributors.

Professor Duncan began his address by acknowledging COA-RMLC’s journey, highlighting the development of their groundbreaking formula in 2006 and the subsequent registration of COA FS by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) in 2016. This product was later reclassified as COA Mixture for general well-being in 2020, reflecting its efficacy and impact on users.

Despite the success and positive testimonials surrounding COA Mixture, Professor Duncan raised a crucial issue concerning brand misuse. He expressed deep concern over instances where individuals are exploiting the COA brand to promote and sell their products. These individuals, he stated, falsely claim similarities to COA products and misrepresent affiliations with COA-RMLC.

One of the troubling tactics highlighted by Professor Duncan is the fabrication of stories about receiving training from him, implying access to COA’s exclusive formula. He said this misinformation is often used to lure customers with promises of similar results at lower prices, leading to potential confusion and dissatisfaction among consumers.

Professor Duncan stated that the COA formula is unique and highly confidential, with only one individual possessing complete knowledge of the production process. He urged consumers to be vigilant and cautious of such misleading claims, advising them to purchase COA products solely from authorized distributors to ensure authenticity and quality.

Furthermore, Professor Duncan clarified that COA products are not registered cures for diseases like cancer, kidney disease, or HIV/AIDS. They are designed to support overall well-being and should not replace traditional medical treatments for serious illnesses.

In response to these challenges, COA-RMLC is actively collaborating with the FDA to identify and hold accountable those responsible for false advertising and brand misrepresentation. They are committed to providing consumers with accurate information and ensuring responsible use of COA products.

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