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Daniel Banin,has been installed as the Akans Chief (Mrantehene)

Daniel Banin,has been installed as the Akans Chief (Mrantehene)

Daniel Banin,has been installed as the Akans Chief (Mrantehene)

An Accra based investigative Journalist,Known in private life as Daniel Banin,has been installed as the Akans Chief (Mrantehene) in the Abola Traditional area,under the Ga Traditional Council.

He was given the stool name,Nii Okropong the first the newly installed Akan Youth Chief, he was coronated together with other chiefs on Friday at a ceremony supervised by Nii Kofi Tuadan(III),The Paramount Chief of Abola and the Head of the Akwakye clan (Akwakye we) of the Ga state.

The colourful event was attended by chiefs and elders from the Abola Mantse Palace where the Abola Akan Youth Chief ,Nii Okropong I, was introduced to the Public and swore allegiance to the Abola Mantse.

Nii Kofi Tuadan (III) congratulated the newly coronated chiefs and urged them to remain focused in the discharge of their duties.
He advised them to ensure that their operations reflect the desires of the people and consult the appropriate quarters for counsel on decisions that involves the people the rule over.

He tasked them to ensure that their loyalty was always directed to their overlord and the people that they were serving. Nii Okropong I,expressed gratitude to the chiefs and people of Abola for the confidence and honour reposed in him.

“I am indeed grateful for the honour and pledge my continuous commitment towards ensuring peaceful coexistence of Akans and the Ga people (Abola)and also ensure that the knowledge and skills of the youth in the two “states” are put to better use ”he said.

He called on all to support him to achieve his development agenda in the area of Business Development, education, and youth empowerment, while assuring the people of his continuous commitment to bring more developmental projects to help improve the cordial relationship between the Akan Community and the Ga’s especially within the Abola Traditional area.

The story by Fada Amakye from Daily

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