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EC has refuted allegations made by Election Watch Ghana

EC has refuted allegations made by Election Watch Ghana

EC has refuted allegations made by Election Watch Ghana

The Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) has refuted allegations made by Election Watch Ghana claiming that stolen Biometric Voter Registration kits (BVRs) were being used to secretly register individuals.

A group known as Election Watch Ghana has accused the EC of utilizing stolen BVR machines to register individuals during the current limited voter registration process.

These accusations arose due to discrepancies in the figures provided by the EC during the ongoing voter registration taking place across the country. After Day 2 of the registration exercise, the EC reported 25,287 registered voters, while records from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) indicated only 19,267 individuals registered.

At their press conference addressed by the Convener for the group, Mark Ewusi said he was convinced that the EC’s mistake on day two was not accidental but rather figures coming from the stolen BVRs.”

“We can firmly conclude that the stolen BVRs are in the custody of unscrupulous individuals who are their counterparts, concocting and illegally registering unqualified people with the BVRs in question.”

Addressing a news conference at their headquarters, Deputy Chairperson in charge of operations, Mr. Samuel Tettey stated that the Commission has never reported any missing BVR kits to the security agencies, making the accusations baseless.

Tettey urged Ghanaians to dismiss the allegations made by Election Watch Ghana, as they lack merit. He believes the group is intentionally trying to deceive the public to maintain their accusations against the Electoral Commission.

He explained that the missing 5 laptops reported to the security agencies cannot be used for registering people, as the BVR kits do not consist of laptops alone.

Tettey challenged Election Watch Ghana to disclose the district offices where the stolen BVR kits are allegedly being used by the Commission.

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