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Food Security: YFDO Launches AGRIC 4 girls Initiative to get more graduate into Agribusiness

Food Security: YFDO Launches AGRIC 4 girls Initiative to get more graduate into Agribusiness

Food Security: YFDO Launches AGRIC 4 girls Initiative to get more graduate into Agribusiness

The Young Farmers Development Organisation (YFDO) has launched the AGRIC 4 GIRLS initiative with the theme “Innovation Agribusiness For Girls Empowerment” at ISSER, Legon in the Greater Accra Region.

The initiative aims to introduce young graduates, especially girls, from various tertiary institutions to the field of agriculture.

Ms Enyonam, the Co-founder of Young Farmers Development Organisation, explained that the Agri 4 Girls initiative targets over 300,000 fresh graduate girls who struggle to find white-collar jobs after completing their studies.

She emphasized that the initiative will focus on modern-day technological farming practices that are not capital-intensive but have high demand in the market, such as mushroom farming and snail farming.

Ms Enyonam suggested that graduates can utilize innovative ideas to package their products and sell them to the working class, who may not have time to visit traditional markets due to their busy schedules.

She believes that by encouraging graduates to explore opportunities in agribusiness, unemployment rates in the country can be reduced significantly.

Dr. Felix M. Kamassah, Chairman of the occasion and CEO of Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited, emphasized the importance of youth involvement in agriculture as a pathway to a successful future. He highlighted the fundamental role of agriculture in providing sustenance from the very beginning of life, underscoring the vast opportunities within the sector.

Dr. Kamassah pointed out that challenges are inherent in every aspect of life, including something as basic as eating. He urged the youth not to shy away from agriculture at the first sign of difficulty, but rather to persevere and embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth and development. By cultivating resilience and determination, the youth can unlock the full potential of the agricultural sector and secure a prosperous future for themselves and their communities.

“Where do people go after graduation and completing the National Service? People can use digitalization in Agriculture or marketing in Agriculture to make money for themselves. One can use the Tick-tock to do all those things in terms of marketing,” he said.

Dr. Felix M. Kamassah, the chair of the program, strongly advises young individuals, particularly women, to seize the opportunity and actively participate in the Agriculture program. He emphasizes the importance of getting involved in agriculture, as food is a necessity for everyone daily.

Dr Kamassah also urges institutions like the District Assembly to provide information on available government-owned lands and assist young people in starting their agricultural endeavours. He stresses the significance of utilizing these resources to kickstart agricultural projects.

Furthermore, Dr Kamassah highlights the importance of staying informed about climate change, suggesting that updates should be regularly shared on platforms like TikTok. This information can help individuals understand which crops are suitable for planting in different seasons, ultimately contributing to successful agricultural practices.

“Lack of this information destroys our food crops. Being in Agriculture doesn’t mean holding your cutlass or hoe and going to the farm. People can still be in suite and be farming. Let’s ask for lands that are available and make use of them,” he added. Story by Oyerepa online

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