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General public urged to support orphanage homes

General public urged to support orphanage homes

General public urged to support orphanage homes

The general public has been urged to support orphanage homes to help provide a sense of community and belonging for the children in their care especially in occasions like this.

The call follows the persistent challenges caretakers face in managing the facilities to provide a safe and nurturing environment for street children. Orphanages provide a supportive and caring community for children who have been orphaned or abandoned to help them to heal and grow.

They provide basic necessities for the children, such as food, clothing, education, medical care and social services. These services are essential for helping the children to reach their full potential and become productive and successful members of society.

Yet, managers of these facilities often face numerous challenges, including poverty as they struggle to provide adequate resources for the children in their care. Many orphanages are underfunded and rely solely on donations and volunteers to provide essential services and support for the children.

Manageress for Chosen Children’s home at Darkuman in the Greater Accra region, Felicity Ali, addressing the media after receiving a donation from Briscoe Old Friends (NGO) challenged the government to consider funding orphanage homes. “Streetism has become one of the commonest societal problems and a worry especially in the case of children hence the need for the government to take keen interest in how orphanages are managed”.

The eradication of streetism will help in reducing the cases of domestic violence, child abuse, child pornography and the other issues, she added. Felicity Ali thus called for financial support to cater for a drug rehabilitation center that helps to treat alcohol and drug addiction at the facility.

A leading member of Briscoe Old Friends, Abdul Latif presenting the items underscored the need for philanthropists and civil society organizations to support orphanage homes to curb streetism. He equally expressed fret over how orphanages struggle to recruit and retain trained and qualified staff to give quality care for the children.

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