Ghana Environmental Advocacy Group urges government to halt Galamsey in River Ankobra

Ghana Environmental Advocacy Group urges government to halt Galamsey in River Ankobra

The Ghana Environmental Advocacy Group (GEAG) has urged the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to adopt concrete steps to halt galamsey activities in the Ankobra River, especially the Gwira side of it.

According to the group, the rate at which the river Ankobra was being polluted with chemicals from galamsey activities and alluvial deposits which destroyed water bodies and affected marine species, called for urgent and immediate action from the government
Speaking to the Ghana News Agency after a visit to some communities along the River Ankobra in the Gwira area,Convenor to the Ghana Environmental Advocacy Group,Madam Elizabeth Allua Vaah urged the government to rise up and take drastic measures to clamp down on the illegal miners and those mining irresponsibly in the area.

She said the presence of the galamseyers in the Ankobra River, was the cause of the constant pollution of the River, and was worried that chemicals and toxins from the galamsey menace washed into the sea at Ankobra, contaminated the sea and might poison the fish stock.

Madam Allua Vaah linked the heavy metal content of the Sargassum Seaweed which invaded the area and wondered “If the seaweeds were this polluted, how much more are the fishes that humans along the stretch are consuming on a daily basis?”

She said it was pathetic that the government seemed to be helpless in combating the galamsey menace in Ghana’s river bodies.

The Convenor also called on the NCCE and the Ghana Health Service to join the call to Ghanaians to see the broader impact of irresponsible mining on the health of the broader population.

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