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Gomoa East police in Dire need of resources, Gomoa East MP urgured

Gomoa East police in Dire need of resources, Gomoa East MP urgured

Central Region/ Gomoa East.

Fighting Crime

Gomoa East Police In Dire Need of Resources

Police in the Gomoa East District are finding it extremely difficult to prevent and fight crime due to the lack of adequate resources. Even though the area is populated and witnesses rampant criminal incidences the various police commands do not have the necessary resources for crime combatting. Residents fear police may soon lose control over crime prevention. Central regional correspondent for ATINKA NEWS Samuel Nyamekye Jnr has more in the following report.


Even though the Gomoa East District is notably one of the densely populated area with high numbers of foreigners and also regarded as one of the hotspots for crime commissioning the various police commands are not adequately tooled to help prevent and fight crime.

Most of the district police commands operate from rented buildings which are mostly dilapidated. While district commands such as Nyanyano, Ojobi and Buduburam have single vehicles each which are mostly old and unreliable others such as the Dominase district command have no single vehicle. They’ve always had to rely on other departments of the Gomoa East District Assembly for a vehicle before they can embark on any operational move.

These challenges makes patrolling, monitoring and even pursuing criminals a daunting task. Some residents of the area have become concerned and spoke to Samuel Nyamekye Jnr

During a recent parliamentary proceedings member of parliament for the area Dr. Desmond De-Graft Paitoo raised the matter up and sought from the minister of interior what is being done to improve policing in the area.As of now there is no single divisional police command in the area following the choice of the former Millenium City Divisional Command as the Central East Regional Police headquarters.

In an interview with Samuel Nyamekye Jnr, the MP is therefore calling for the elevation of either of the district commands to a divisional status while also calling on government to provide the necessary logistics to the police in the area to help fight crime. He is worried about the potential loss of investors as a result of criminal activities perpetuated in the area.

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