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Government Poised To Address Economic challenges In The Country.

Government Poised To Address Economic challenges In The Country.

Government is absolutely determined to surmount the challenges being faced by the Ghanaian economy.

Despite the turbulent times, we are resolute in our intention to restructure the economy, transform the financial system and build resilience.

According to Hon. Alan Kyerematen said, the Government is aware that the current economic challenges are having a negative impact on businesses.

All the current actions being taken are designed to bring the economy back on track.

He said, we are poised to create a conducive environment for all businesses to thrive in Ghana.

I ask that you keep faith with government and that you use the opportunity to encourage and reassure your management and staff that there are better days ahead.

He added that, it will help us to work better together, and achieve the recovery we are all seeking.

As we continue to grow the partnership between government and the private sector, and work hand-in-hand, productivity will definitely increase.

Hon. Alan Kyerematen Disclosed that, As Ghanaian businesses thrive, the benefits will be shared among business owners, employees and all stakeholders.

He Said, Chief Executive of the Ghana Free Zones Authority mentioned that the new trend in special economic zone (SEZ) development is green special economic zones due to climate change issues.

Global warming issues are of major concern to our government because they pose a threat to the economies of climate vulnerable countries such as ourselves.

He said, Ghana has therefore been actively involved in the United Nations climate change conferences and negotiations.

We have also signed on to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),

which we are totally committed, and we therefore need to reduce our carbon footprint in compliance with these SDGs.

Most investors are looking for countries that are prioritising the climate change agenda, and sustainable development.

He said, Consumers are also looking for products that adhere to green development.

The increasing cost of energy will compel companies to reconsider renewable energy sources.

It is therefore commendable that increasingly, companies are deploying solar energy in their production processes.

I hope that the innovative insights into how we can promote export-led growth in Ghana.

It is my further desire that these insights will be transformed into concrete actions.

Story by Fada Amakye from Daily Sun

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