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Government urged to secure forest reserves

Government urged to secure forest reserves

Government urged to secure forest reserves

Government in forestry have been tasked to take immediate steps to secure forests and services derived from them. they were to do so by balancing the country’s needs for essential forest services with the extent of damage caused by our dependence on forest resources. This was contained in the youth alliance Day of Forests to statement issued by an Environmental groups

According to National director, Youth alliance for green Ghana, Kenneth Agyir, said the indicated that this year’s to “Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption,” was timely as it heightened sustainable interconnections between forests, production and consumption systems.

“To this effect, Youth alliance Ghana brings to bear the importance, and interdependence between local communities and forests, and the need to minimise actions destructive to forests and trees resources, while enhancing efforts to restore, and improve forest conditions in Ghana.”

“Sourcing cocoa from sustainable and legal sources only will serve as disincentive for encroaching on forests lands for cocoa production,” it added.

the environmental NGO said that action should be complemented by addressing other factors, including illegal logging, bushfires, illegal mining and others which threatened forest and associated resources.

The story by Fada Amakye from Daily Sun

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