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Insurance Brokers are the gateway for excellent customer service

Insurance Brokers are the gateway for excellent customer service

Report by Ben LARYEA

The President of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ghana (IBAG)

Mr. Shaibu Ali has stated that the insurance Brokers are the gateway and the hub to the insurance market for excellent customer service.I

He said IBAG have embarked several activities to engage the public on the role and relevance of buying insurance through the Insurance Broker and added that the gesture forms part of the drive to sensitise the public about the importance of insurance products in the lives of people.

Mr. Shaibu Ali made these assertions at media soiree organised by the Insurance Brokers Association of Ghana (IBAG) in Accra under the theme, “The Broker, Your Gateway to the Insurance Market” and forms part of the activities earmarked by IBAG to educate the public on the “Broker Awareness Month Campaign”.

Line up of activities to mark the campaign include radio interviews on the role and relevance of Insurance Brokers, TV interviews on series of topics such as Role of Brokers, Insurance laws, Marine Cargo Insurance among others,

engagements with members of the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and field visits to St.

Mary Senior High School and Accra High School to educate students on importance of insurance as well as Brokers.

IBAG in these regard donated also scores of teaching and learning materials to the said schools and gave out prizes to needy but brilliant students.

He said media the media have played a significant role in propagating the importance of Insurance Brokers to its cherished customers and the public and explained that Insurance Brokers are professional intermediaries and exhibits their fields of knowledge to advise and assist clients to buy adequate insurance covers adding that it comes at competitive terms and conditions at the right premiums and price.

According to him, the engagement of the services of an Insurance Broker does not add to the client cost and the client does not pay extra for the services rendered by the Broker pointing out that the Insurance Law, Act 1061 provides that Brokers earn commissions on the premiums paid to the Insurance company. 

He said the independence and bargaining power of Insurance Brokers to their respective insurance companies affords the Brokers the advantage to negotiate fairly on behalf of clients and ensure also that they are rendered the best customer service and satisfaction.

“Brokers with their rich experience in the insurance value chain prepares and sorts out claims for clients which clears the negative perception people have about insurance companies in financial dealings”, he explained.

He however urged clients to engage IBAG for detailed information on insurance and expressed his profound gratitude to the media for their partnership and the support to the Association.

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