Christmas is on the horizon once again and singer, television show host and Made-In-Ghana Campaign Ambassador, Ms Emelia Arthur, has some ideas about how we can all make the occasion a memorable, Ghana-centred experience.

In a chat with The Mirror, Ms Arthur said it would do the nation a lot of good if everyone resolve to intensify their patronage of made-in-Ghana goods and services.

Her contention is that the effect of the current crunch would be minimal if more people endorse and stick to what we make here, instead of always looking up to imported items.

A staunch campaigner for made-in-Ghana goods and services since 2014, Ms Arthur has explored a variety of forums to get her message across to people.

She has spoken and performed in churches, mosques, production plants and market places in her advocacy.

She and her management team have decided to set every December 21 aside as Made-In- Ghana Day for all to appreciate the many wonderful ways through we which have been blessed to be self-sufficient.

She has appealed to people to dress Ghanaian everywhere they go on the day. “It doesn’t matter if to the office, shop or market. Wherever you go on December 21, wear something Ghanaian.

Let the world see how beautiful we are in our own clothing,” Ms Arthur said.

She also appealed to dealers in all sorts of made-in-Ghana goods and services throughout Ghana to reduce their prices on December 21.

She believes such an action would be a massive demonstration of goodwill to enable the populace support for made-in-Ghana drive.

“There are adequate local substitutes for many of the imported items we crave for.

Let’s make this a special Christmas by patronising local goods for the countless economic benefits we stand to gain from from doing that.”

Ms Arthur said our show of support for made-in-Ghana goods and services won’t be complete on December 21 if we don’t round everything off with our favourite Ghanaian dishes.

Even if not cooking at home and buying from any kind of eatery, Ms Arthur wants everyone to eat something Ghanaian throughout the day.

Meanwhile, her Ghanaian Kitchen programme on Homebase TV which gives viewers a chance to savour nutritious, appetizing.

made-in-Ghana dishes, has been nominated for honours in the Television Cooking Programmed category at the upcoming 12th Adonko Bitters RTP Awards.

The event is scheduled for December 11 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

Emelia Arthur is also wishing the Black stars a good luck in their Gametomorrow against.

The story by Kwadwo Asempa Yonkopa fm 89.1

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