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Pan African Mall opens New Retail Shop in Accra/Chief Calistus

Pan African Mall opens New Retail Shop in Accra/ Chief Calistus

Pan African Mall opens New Retail Shop in Accra

The shopping centre which would be constructed at Greater Accra region the business center district of Accra, under the first phase of the support programme would comprise all stores with fire station, crèche, pavement, car park.

This was announced by the Chief Calistus who is a Chairman for Pan African Mall project, he said it at a program held here over the weekend to brief the media about the implementation of the sub-projects under the NIDO Association of Nigerian and the parthers to Support this Programme in the Greater Accra region.

The NIDO Association of Nigerian Support this Programme which is part of development and ECOWAS agenda drive seeks to improve cities.

According to Chief Calistus, hinted that Accra was the only West Africa Region to have been selected for the project across the country.

“Under the first phase of the programme, the Greater Accra region will construct a shopping centre with modern stores that would be equipped with a fire station, crèche, car pack. He explained that it was relevant to construct the centre to ensure that trading at the market was done in a safe, convenient and harmonised environment.

According to Chief Calistus, said, adding that the entire project was scheduled to be completed within two years and some months. He stated that the plot for the construction had already been acquired, He said the project had attained the support of all relevant stakeholders within the Greater Accra region after they were detailed on the scope and relevance of the project.

He expressed confidence that when completed, the project would enhance economic well-being of the citizenry.

#Second story by deputy ambassador of Nigeria high commissioner#


The deputy ambassador of Nigeria high commissioner, Mr. Bakori Aliyu Osman, has congratulate the NIDO association of Africa and it partners for this initiative that they have brought on behalf of Nigerians.

this project will make Nigerians very proud and comfortable anywhere we leave as citizens. when it comes to business Nigerians are the number one on Africa continent and we’re proud of ourselves, with the new shopping Mall in Ghana.

Also it’s very good initiative that has started in Ghana and beyond Africa, Even when you travel aboard you will see China Mall in America, China Mall in Ghana and so many places. So its good that pan African Mall has come to stay in Ghana

According to the deputy ambassador of Nigeria high commissioner, Mr. Bakori Aliyu Osman, said, its an opportunity for Nido and he partners to also build Nigeria Mall in Ghana which is very good project coming from Nido and he’s partners.

So I’m also happy as deputy high commissioner of Nigeria, And i will also give you my support that they will need for a future purposes.

The story by Fada Amakye from Daily

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