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Professors and lecturers are ready to work with me as President – Ken Agyapong

Professors and lecturers are ready to work with me as President – Ken Agyapong

Professors and lecturers are ready to work with me as President – Ken Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong, a contender for the New Patriotic Party’s flagbearer position, has firmly rebutted claims that he lacks the intellectual capacity and temperament required to serve as President.

Reaffirming his commitment to lead the NPP in the 2024 elections, he passionately articulated why he believes he is the most qualified candidate for the role.

Agyapong pointed out that those asserting that he is not presidential material are unaware of the substantial support he enjoys from a formidable group of university professors, lecturers, and professionals who are ready to collaborate with him. He emphasized that these intellectuals, professors, lecturers, and professionals are resolutely convinced that “Kennedy Agyapong has a message” and is the one who can lead the NPP to “break the 8” in the upcoming elections.

Agyapong revealed that he has personally met with at least 45 professionals in Accra and has plans to engage with lecturers at KNUST. He emphasized that these intellectuals recognize and endorse his vision for Ghana, urging Ghanaians to give him the opportunity to lead.

Addressing a health walk event titled “The Showdown Walk” in Accra on Saturday, September 16th, Agyapong listed some of his pragmatic plans for leading the NPP in the 2024 elections.

“I have met at least 45 of them [professionals] in Accra. On Monday, I am going to meet lecturers at Tech [KNUST]. Many of these intellectuals have seen and are aware that Ken Agyapong has a message and want Ghanaians to give Ken Agyapong the chance,” Mr Agyapong said.

Agyapong passionately appealed to voters not to be swayed by monetary inducements when making their choice, emphasizing that their votes would determine their destiny and the future of their children and grandchildren. He stressed the need for pragmatic leaders who can effectively communicate in local dialects such as Twi, Ayigbe (Ewe), and Dagbani, envisioning these actions translating into tangible economic improvements for ordinary citizens.

“The opportunity is there to break the 8 with Ken Agyapong. Don’t go and make a mistake and take money and vote otherwise, you are voting for your destiny, you are voting for your children and unborn children,”

Agyapong concluded by highlighting the trust and support he has garnered from voters, emphasizing that Ghanaians are ready to entrust him with leadership due to his track record as an ordinary member who has established successful companies and engaged in philanthropic initiatives.

He underscored that it is time to give a businessman the chance to lead, citing his business acumen as a distinguishing factor among the contestants, including those from the opposition NDC.

The story by Fada Amakye from Daily

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