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Public urged to embrace insurance policies

Public urged to embrace insurance policies

Public urged to embrace insurance policies

Outgoing 1st vice president of Ghana Insurers Association (GIA), Dr. Aaron Issa Anafure, has urged the general public to prioritize the need of insuring their life, livelihoods and properties against the risk of unforeseen losses.

He has encouraged people to have insurance plans to safeguard their assets in times of financial risk or unfortunate events.

Insurance is termed as an essential financial tool that cushions or helps individuals, families or corporations to bounce back financially after a sudden financial shock caused by emergencies.

It serves as a financial protection or mitigation tool that enables beneficiaries to manage unpredicted outlays during accidents smoothly without much hassle.

In the course of mishap, the insurer assesses the possible hardship and pays in line with the agreed policy known as Insured Value.

Dr. Aaron Issa Anafure who was speaking in an interview on Onua TV described insurance as a financial facilitation tool to bolster business and property owners to recover after accidents, disaster, theft or burglary.

“Insurance is a “must-have” rather than a “good-to-have” part of a financial plan that keeps long-term investments safe from sudden financial shocks”.

I would encourage everyone even if you live in a rented apartment to insure your possessions so that at the time of any distress you would be protected, he reiterated.

The insurance expert was quick to refute assertions that insurance companies don’t pay beneficiaries Insured Value in due course.

He stressed that insurers have due process to follow in issuing Insured Value, hence entreated the public to exercise patience during claims to safeguard the sector.

The story by Fada Amakye from Daily Sun Media

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