Samrash Restaurant And Events Center Launched


We need more resources to brighten the future of tourism in Ghana.

The Chief Executive Officer, Hajia Samira says more resources are needed to make the future of the Restaurant industry brighter.

She said, “the future of Restaurant in the country, we know looks bright, but we need more resources to be able to achieve that.

According to Hajia Samira, CEO of the Samrash Restaurant and Event Center said, the Restaurant landscape has opened, and we have a broadened mandate with other responsibilities, so one would expect that we get more resources, but it doesn’t come that way, so we struggle a bit.”

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Sun 106.com She said, as the main implementing Agency of the Samrash Restaurant and Event Center, Authority wished to have branches in all regions and districts in line with the Samrash Restaurant and Event Center Act, but lack of resources and pressure on company purse from other sectors was making the feat difficult.

She said, “this is one of our biggest challenges as an organization. Samrash Restaurant and Event Center has done very well with a very young dynamic team.

It has transitioned positively from tourism board to an Authority with a more broadened scope and mandate but with it has come a few challenges.”

The CEO Samrash Restaurant and Event Center Hajia Samira was, however, said the one per cent tourism development levy had helped in terms of marketing and product development.

“We are hopeful, however, because we have a strong board and leadership and a dynamic and focused working team who understand and know what is required of them, and with the support from the fund for our operational activities.

Mrs. Hajia Samira, said the Authority had put in various interventions to help the sector to bounce back and build a very resilient industry.

Story by Fada Amakye from Daily Sun 106.com

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