Two years accumulated cashew revenue cannot construct 10km roads in the district

Two years accumulated cashew revenue cannot construct 10km roads in the district.

The Jaman North District Chief Executive, Honourable Solomon Owusu has stated emphatically that two years accumulated revenue from cashew

production in the district cannot construct even 10km roads as claimed by some indigenes within the district. Speaking in an interview with Odiakopa Afram Denkyirahene of Yankee Fm monitored by Kwaku Mensah Abrampa,

The DCE disclosed that some people within the Jaman North district are of the view that the district authorities must make the construction of the district roads a priority by ensuring the revenue generated from cashew production are put into the construction of the roads in the district to benefit the entire district.

He opined that people must rather correlate the cashew revenue to the maintenance of the deplorable roads which has been a major concern of the constituents disclosing that it is a major priority of the assembly to ensure motorable roads in the district to facilitate

mobility of people and vehicles indicating that the cashew revenue cannot construct 10km bitumen roads if accumulated for 2years or more.

He stressed that Jaman North District has been classified nationally as a district with much accrued revenue during cashew seasons.

Disputing the fact, he revealed that the district off-Cashew season IGF is one of the lowest due to the economic situation in the Jaman North district hence the district is not as rich as how people perceives it denoting that, despite the economic challenges the district is one of the districts within the Bono region that uses IGF for infrastructural development.

On the issues of the deplorable state of the roads within the Jaman North district, Honorable Solomon Owusu indicated that he has been trying his possible best to ensure the construction of the roads revealing that he has had series of meetings and engagement with the roads minister who has promised him to ensure the construction of the road.

Honourable Solomon Owusu disclosed that he is trying as much as possible to get our deteriorated roads fixed to help him leaves a remarkable name and a hallmark as a DCE who aided the construction of Sampa Township and other Roads hence he will not rest until the roads are constructed.

Story by Fada Amakye from Daily Sun.

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