UCMAS has unveiled STEMROBO and Tinker coder to their number of programs

UCMAS has unveiled STEMROBO and Thinker Coder to their number of programs.

Maurya Education Ltd unveils STEMROBO & Thinker Coder Onto Their Scheme.

Maurya Education Limited, the organisers of African biggest arithmetic calculation UCMAS has unveiled STEMROBO and Thinker Coder to their number of programs.

The STEMROBO Technology is to reform the primary to senior high school education with the basics of STEM (Science, Technology, Art and Engineering) to provide a holistic approach to the overall development of a child.

This initiative, the director of business development, Maurya Education limited, Roger Ohemeng said seek to champion the course of the government in making STEM-related education crucial to the development of our growing age of youngsters.

He said this at the official launch of StemRobo in Ghana and the giving of UCMAS International Grading Exams (IGE) to participating schools and also celebrating 15 years of UCMAS in Ghana, yesterday May 11 at the National Theatre.

According to Roger Ohemeng, education keeps evolving and a positive step to bringing world-class skill education to every learner is the main factor.

“Education keeps evolving and we have surely paid our dues to provide and maintain quality skill development programs for the past 15 years.

As we welcome the new additions to the family, I know without a pinch of doubt, it will push our view to skill development to the limit, neatly tailored with science and technology which will adequately equip every learner with crucial skills such as problem-solving, being analytical, multitasking, innovative, creative and others to take on the world”, he explained.

In his remarks, Girish A Gurbani, Founder and Managing Director, Maurya Groups of Companies said, Maurya education limited is passionately working to bring change in the education system and enhance 21st-century skills among the learners; adding that with their new program STEMROBO and Thinker Coder to promote the STEM, Robotics, Coding and Artificial Intelligence, they are dedicated to creating a better future for our African leaders.

Girish A Gurbani further added that, the nationwide rollout of the Robotics, Coding and Artificial Intelligence program in all basic and second cycle institutions.

However, in August 2022, the 11th national competition which is expected to attract about 3000 learners from the country will come off at the Pentecost Convention Center while preparation is still ongoing for the International competition later this year.

In his part, the Indian High Commissioner to Ghana lauded the organisers for initiating such a wonderful program in Ghana’s education sector. He said the initiative will go a long way to help the learners be great innovators in future. 

He urged parents to roll out children onto this program, saying science and technology are the future.

Story by Fada Amakye

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