We Need A Comprehensive Approach to Empower Women

We need a comprehensive approach to empower women.
Founder and Director, Africa women journalist project, ( AWJP ). Catherine Gicheru has stressed the need for a comprehensive approach and strategies to make women empowerment more effective in the country.
She said it was time to create greater awareness and support policy debate and development of reform initiatives in women empowerment.
She was speaking at the WAMECA opening of a theme: Media and Women Empowerment in Africa, was organized by Media foundation for West Africa.
It seeks to build sustainable pathways to enhance woman empowerment, well-being, and inclusive growth for women in Ghana by supporting them to enter and thrive within high-growth, male dominated environment.
It is also to equip the participants with the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes to empower them to respond to the learning needs of females and males with inclusive gender approaches.
According to Mrs. Catherine Gicheru, stated that women in contemporary life were perceived to be fragile than men and therefore, needed special protection.
This perception, she noted often made it difficult for women to enhance their productivity in many fields and women empowerment were needed to promote women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others, was necessary in the Ghanaian society.
Story by Fada Amakye from Otec fm.

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