The global population has turned 8 billion.

This morning, the symbolic welcome of the 8 billionth baby born in Ghana has been organized at the Ridge Hospital in Accra.

This was through the collaborative effort of the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), Ghana Health Service (GHS), National Population Council (NPC), the Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS) and the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), with support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

We commend the collaborative efforts of these organizations and institutions, and the management and staff of the Ridge Hospital especially those of the Maternity Unit of the hospital for the successful delivery of this symbolic 8 billionth child in Ghana.

We warmly welcome this child to Ghana and pray for a healthy growth and wellbeing throughout his/her entire life in Ghana and the world at large. We also congratulate the mother that gave birth to this child.

The United Nations Population Division estimates that the global population will reach 9 billion in 2037 (15 years) and 10 billion in 2058 (21 years).

In 2030 when the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are expected to have been realised, the world’s population is estimated to reach 9.7 billion and in 2050 we should expect 10.4 billion to live on this planet.

In Ghana, our population, which was reported at 6.7 million in 1960 has also grown to hit 30.8 million in 2021. Indeed, it has traversed the milestones of 8.6 million in 1970, 12.3 million in 1984, 18.9 million in 2000 and 24.8 million in 2010.

This suggests that Ghana’s population has increased almost five-fold since 1960 in a period of 61 years.

The estimates from the Ghana Statistical Service and our population institutes suggest that by 2030, i.e., seven (7) years from now, our country’s population will reach 37.5 million.


Story by Fada Amakye from Daily Sun.

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