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College Of Physicians & Surgeons Launches 20th Anniversary 2023

College Of Physicians & Surgeons Launches 20th Anniversary 2023

College Of Physicians & Surgeons Launches 20th Anniversary 2023

Dr. Justina Ansah speaking at the anniversary launch

The Ghana College Of Physicians and Surgeons has launched its 20th Anniversary Celebration as it forges to strengthen post graduate medical education beyond teaching hospitals in the country.

The College also envisages leveraging the use of advance technology for all aspects of its postgraduate medical training programmes in the near future.

The anniversary, themed, “Two Decades of Medical Post Graduate Training In Ghana,” has a list of activities lined up to showcase the College’s impact in the healthcare delivery system of the country.

Chair of the 20th Anniversary Planning Committee, Dr. Justina Ansah, said the first public lecture will be held this month followed by health walks and screening in Accra and Kumasi. This will be followed by a 2nd Public Lecture and Fundraising Dinner in Accra.

“In October there will be a Museum Exhibition for Secondary schools and public and a donation to the Leprosarium. A 3rd Public Lecture will be held in November followed by the launch of the 20th Anniversary Brochure & Documentary,” she said.

Dr. Justina further noted that in December, the 20th anniversary will be climaxed with an AGSM, poster presentations/exhibition and thanksgiving services in Accra and Kumasi.

Rector of the College, Professor Richard Adanu, said the College, an agency of the Ministry of Health, was established as a National Postgraduate Medical College for training specialists in medicine, surgery and related disciplines and to provide for related matters by an Act of parliament (Act 635) on the 28th January 2003.

He indicated that after six years of deliberations, Act 635 was repealed together with The Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine Act, 1975 (NRCD 344), and replaced by the Specialist Health Training and Plant Medicine Research Act, 2011, Act 833.

The mandate of the College, he noted, are to promote specialist education in medicine, surgery and related disciplines, promote continuous professional development in medicine, surgery and related disciplines, promote postgraduate medical education and research in medicine, surgery and related discipline, and contribute to the formulation of policies on sound health and public health generally.

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