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DPO Pay picked up the “Fintech Discovery of the year” award

DPO Pay picked up the “Fintech Discovery of the year” award

DPO Pay picked up the “Fintech Discovery of the year” award on 27 January 2023 in Accra at the Ghana Fintech Awards.

Recognizes an international fintech company, working within the local Ghanaian ecosystem to provide multiple choices to the industry and clients, ranging from payments infrastructure, credit and debit cards, mobile money, merchant acquisitions and other payment methods, leading to an integrated financial sector. Judging Criteria.

According to the Interview we had with Frank Anwelle, Country Manager, DPO Pay Operates in the Ghanaian Fintech space; provides best in class infrastructure for the deployment of fintech solutions; Ease of integration with third parties to offer both financial and non-financial services;

He said, Excellent service support structure (SLA); Best creative and unique fintech solution(s); Robust service- oriented technology platform that enables seamless transactions.

He also added that, DPO Pay is a leading African payment service provider (PSP) which has developed the technology to enable businesses and individuals across the continent to make payments online and offline with all currencies and payment methods.

DPO Pay currently works with over 60,000 active merchants, including airlines, hotels, restaurants, and travel agents as well as e Commerce all over Africa.

He said, It was founded in 2006 and since then it has grown to be a pan-African PSP with more than 400 employees and a presence in 21 African countries.

By providing its merchants of all sizes with the capacity to make and accept payments effortlessly, DPO supports financial inclusion and economic development on the continent.

The story by Fada Amakye Daily

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