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Ghanaians need more financial literacy empowerment // Mr. John Awuah CEO

Ghanaians need more financial literacy empowerment // Mr. John Awuah CEO

Ghanaians need more financial literacy empowerment // Mr. John Awuah CEO

Mr. John Awuah CEO has stated that comprehensive education is needed to boost Ghana’s economy.

He said the emphasis on financial literacy was vital in making the youth explore opportunities such as preparing a budget, investing, setting financial goals to meet career and financial development.Mr. John Awuah CEO was speaking at the program that was organized by Centre for financial literacy education Africa, and said some courses like entrepreneurship and finance needed to be part of a four-year course for every student in the universities saying that whatever profession one did was liquidated to money.

“When this is done, even if you are not business students, you will appreciate what business also enhances the student’s ability to venture into business and entrepreneurship with the necessary skills and the right mindset,” he added.

Mr. Peter Nyanko noted that when the issue was addressed, it would bring out the best in the students across the country, and that would foster development.

He indicated that financial literacy would broaden the understanding of many Ghanaians in the financial space and reduce bad savings and investments.

He mentioned that Ghana’s educational systems needed to be more practical to boost the country’s economy, adding that most of the graduates were acquainted with the theory, but the application of what they had learnt had always been a concern.

“We have a lot of learned people who cannot apply what they have learnt, they have ideas, but making it practical is a problem,” he added.

He said the current educational system was what the colonial masters left for the country, adding that their form of education was such that one would acquire all the necessary theoretical knowledge, but making ideas practical had always been a problem.

Mr. Nyanko said, the current modification of the Ghanaian educational sector was crucial and urged that the right courses be provided for the effective development of the sector to meet the world’s standards.

Story by: Fada Amakye from Daily

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