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Patiently engaging the patient for patient safety

Patiently engaging the patient for patient safety

Patiently engaging the patient for patient safety

Dr. Gilbert Buckle, Public Health Physician has urged medical practitioners to patiently engage patients for patient safety as and when they show up at the hospital.

He said most of the time patients are not in their right frame of mind when they are unwell hence need devoted and selfless practitioners to treat them.

“All the patients you see are not in their right when they visit the hospital. Anything they do or say is not by their normal self; that is why I say patiently to engage the patient for patient safety”.

He made this known at the World Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Day celebration marked by Greater Accra Regional Hospital on the theme: “Engaging Patient for Patient Safety” on 22nd September 2023 in Accra.

The Quality manager for Greater Accra Reginal Hospital, Sarah Ghanney in her presentation on Patient Safety, Patient Engagement Is Key, expressed the need to deepen the implementation of policies and guidelines of the National Healthcare Quality Strategy.

This she indicated would help create an enabling environment and provide the needed capacity for managers and service providers to improve upon the quality of the care they provide.

The Global Action on Patient Safety and increase public awareness and engagement.

The conference under the theme; “Engaging Patient for Patient Safety created a platform for stakeholders to discuss patient safety and healthcare quality across clinical, public health, and administrative levels.

Sarah Ghanney further said the world looked forward to implementing the ‘decade of patient safety’ initiative, but much remained to be done in the attainment of Quality Universal Health safety through the Sustainable Devolvement Goal Three (SDG 3).

She said patient safety in general, and maternal and newborn safety in particular, had been of great concern to the Ridge hospital.

Sarah Ghanney said Ridge Hospital over the years, had developed several safety and quality assurance documents, including the Community Score Cards, the Patient Charter, and the National Healthcare Quality Safety, to guide practitioners and provide stakeholder education.

“As a Service, we have renewed our efforts at finalizing the draft Patient Safety Policy, which was started years ago and hope to, with the support of our partners, complete the process by the first quarter of next year,” she said.

The story by Fada Amakye from Daily

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