Rage against Illicit Drug Trafficking and Abuse Awareness Walk,”

Rage against Illicit Drug Trafficking and Abuse Awareness Walk,”

Rage against Illicit Drug Trafficking and Abuse Awareness Walk,”

EzeIgbo Foundation Ghana Marches against Illicit Drug, Trafficking, In an effort to discourage the youth from engaging in illicit drug use and trafficking, the Eze Igbo Foundation and the Igbo Community in Ghana on Saturday, May 27, 20-23, poured on the streets in a protest march in Accra to draw stakeholders’ attention on the need to join the fight.

Led by Eze Dr. Chukwudi Ihenetu, the Paramount Chief of the Igbo Community in Ghana, the protest march started from the La Nativity Presbyterian Church through the Palm Wine Junction, Jubas Villas, Congo Junction, and ended at the El Wak Sports Stadium.

At the El Wak Stadium, participants were addressed and later taken through aerobic exercises to keep the body healthy and strong.

The protest march which was on the theme: “Rage against Illicit Drug Trafficking and Abuse Awareness Walk,” was blared with music from a float vehicle and the trekkers carried placards with inscriptions that condemned the abuse of drugs and drug peddling in Ghana and across the Africa continent.

Some of the placards read: “Illicit Drug Peddling is a Crime”, ‘Expose Drug Traffickers” “Illicit Drug Use is a Crime”, “Drugs are Destroying the Youth”, “Wee and Cocaine Will Destroy You,” “You Can Stop Drug Abuse” and ” Gyae Tramol No,”, ” Say No to Drug Abuse and Trafficking”, among others.

During the march, participants were also distributing some flyers that bore condemnatory messages on drug abuse and illicit drug deals to drivers and passengers in both private and commercial vehicles and pedestrians, to intensify awareness of the dangers of drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking,

Speaking to the Media after the protest march, Eze Dr. Ihenetu, said Africa is still behind the global transformation in terms of technology and commercial agriculture and urged drug barons to direct their resources in more gratifying ventures like IT, thus information technology and robust agriculture

While inviting entrepreneurs and business people to partner with the Igbo Community for more gratifying businesses, Eze Dr. Ihenetu charged the youth to churn out anti-social activities, especially drug sniffing and peddling, stating, ” We want you (youth)_ to rule Ghana; we want you to rule Nigeria, so don’t take illicit drugs to ruin your lives.”

The Igbo King in Ghana however called on stakeholders, especially traditional leaders, parents, teachers, the leadership and membership of the Christian and other religious communities and the Media to join in the campaign against drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking.

Prior to the protest march on Saturday, Eze had announced to the media during the commissioning of the sanitary facility at Dominase in the Gomoa East District of the Central region of his intention to lead a crusade in Ghana against drug abuse and trafficking in Africa to save the future of the youth.

On his part, Specialist Psychiatrist at the Pantang Mental Hospital, Dr Yennusom Maalug, also condemned the drug abuse menace, especially the youth who engaged in such hard substance abuse, warning that, “it destroys the future of tomorrow.”

According to him, “The major cancer is the intake of cocaine and heroin, these substances will not give you long life. Rather, they’ll destroy you,” emphasizing that, besides its effect on mental disorders, drug abuse also induces some social vices like stealing and robbery.

In addition, Dr Maalug said abuse of drugs could lead to the loss of property, killing and destruction of life, as persons who engaged in hard drug sniffing had taken the lives of their loved ones or parents.

“ Let me add that, since this campaign began, some parents have come forward to tell us what their children who are on drugs have done against them,” the Specialist Psychiatrist added.

Dr. Maalug also warned that, apart from drugs, some drinks such as sobolo; candies and biscuits have been laced with hard drugs and warned the general public to be vigilant about such drinking when consuming them.

The EzeIgbo Foundation in February this year, launched a crusade to protect the youth from drug abuse and its consequences.

The awareness march spearheaded by the Paramount King in the campaign against illicit drug use and trafficking was part of planned activities to rage the crusade against illicit drugs.

The story by Fada Amakye from Daily Sun

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