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Reflo’s Company donates over 1,500 sanitary pads to Kayayos

Reflo's Company donates over 1,500 sanitary pads to Kayayos

Reflo’s Company donates over 1,500 sanitary pads to Kayayos

Reflo’s, Company has donated over 1,500 sanitary pads to Kayayei in commemoration of the International day of Girl Child 2023 to be distributed to vulnerable women in the country, particularly female head-porters, popularly known as kayayei.

The donation and sensitization program were held under the theme, ‘Empowering Kayayos with knowledge on good feminine hygiene and reproductive health care’.

The Reflo’s Company LTD, the sole producer of Reflo’s sanitary pads, mission is to help educate young woman about the importance of menstrual hygiene and general well-being. The programme saw Kayayos girls receive practical training on practicing good hygiene, including properly using and disposing of sanitary napkins.

According to Nana Aseefua, General manager for Reflo’s Company Limited, highlighted the importance of creating awareness on menstrual hygiene and female wellbeing. He emphasized that “[Reflo’s] goal is to ensure that no woman or girl goes without basic sanitary materials and [our duty] is to motivate young girls to practice good hygiene.

Our greatest interest in Hygiene is to contribute to the creation of awareness on menstrual hygiene and female wellbeing. As part of our obligations, we want to reach out to Kayayos girls who are obviously a greater part of the marginalized group who have a greater challenge in having access to menstrual materials,”He explained.

However, recent statistics have shown that sanitary pad taxes in Ghana have risen past 40 percent, driving up the cost of sanitary pads to an exorbitant level that is difficult for adolescent girls and women with lower incomes to afford.

Consequently, He made a clarion call to the government to remove taxes on pads to make them affordable for the ordinary Ghanaian woman.

“We are urging the government to either lower the tax on sanitary pads or remove taxes altogether in light of this urgent problem. If taken into account, sanitary pads will be less expensive, allowing every young woman in the country, regardless of economic status, to afford what He needs to experience menstruation and, as a result, practice menstrual hygiene,” He said.

Faustina Boamah, midwife at the Ladman hospital, applauded the collaboration with Reflo’s company which is in line with the Nurses core function of initiating programs aimed at providing basic infrastructure for people like Kayayos. She reiterated the importance of supporting any cause that seeks to help achieve these goals.

“It is the Reflo’s company priority to improve the well-being and healthy living among women in the Accra metro and partnering with this initiative is one of them. We are solely in support and appreciate Ladman hospital nurses for this generous deeds,” she said. Prior to this, there had been several discussions with the Kayayos about what they would like to do to get them off the street.

The majority of them want to pursue vocational training, and the Reflo’s company is mobilizing the necessary resources to fund and assist these women in achieving their goals.

Story by Fada Amakye from Top radio and

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