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Richard KASU called for the resignation of embattled Kwadaso MP to face the law

Richard KASU called for the resignation of embattled Kwadaso MP to face the law


Ref: Kwadaso MP apologizes for alleged bribery of EC officers during Ejisu by-election

Dear Hon. Kingsley Nyarko (MP),

I bring you warm greetings and hope this piece meets you well at a time you are going through very tough times?

Well, to know me a bit better, I am Richard KASU, a civil rights activist and an unapologetic viewer of you on Dr. Randy Abbey’s TV talk show, the Good Morning Ghana. Even though, I do disagree with you on some of your positions on national issues, I have high level of respect for you as a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Kwadaso Constituency.

Truth be told, I got scandalized and shocked to the marrow after watching the viral video in which you were allegedly caught to have bribed officials of the Electoral Commission (EC), an institution whose integrity is already on the line.

Having thoroughly analysed the viral video, the content of your apology statement and the ensuing commentaries by the public, I have formed the following opinions on the said issue;

1. That indeed the white envelope from your back pocket which you dropped on the table in front of the EC officers contained cash meant to bribe EC officers to intentionally rig the by-election in favor of your supporting candidate;
2. That your special assignment on day of the election was to share money at polling stations to influence the electoral process and your claims to have acted in good faith and with good intentions cannot stand.
3. That actions such as yours are not helping the already tattered image of the commission but reinforces the public mistrust of EC’s neutrality as a credible election management body;
4. That your misconduct and subsequent apology in which you said *”as unfortunate as the incident is, I would like to apologize to the Commission and the citizenry and assure all and sundry that such an act will never happen again”* is clear admission of guilt and I want to challenge you to resign as MP on principled grounds to submit yourself to the laws of the republic to prove your innocence;

Thank you and God bless us all.

Yours in the service of God and Country,

Richard Kasu


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