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Agbogba residents benefit from free health screening

Agbogba residents benefit from free health screening

Agbogba residents benefit from free health screening.

More than 500 residents of Agbogba in the Dome kwabenya District in Accra have benefited from free health screen­ing and medical care.

The health screening organised by the Lawyer Sheela Sakyi Parliament candidate hopeful for NPP Deme Kwabenya, Agbogba District, commemo­rating its global Free health screening day celebra­tion over the weekend was on the theme “Love is a verb.”

Beneficiaries of the exercise were screened for malaria, diabetes, vision, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), cholesterol, hepatitis B and other vitals by medical pro­fessionals.

Lawyer. Sheela Sakyi told journalists that the exercise was a form of reaching out to the members of the com­munity to help improve their lives.

Lawyer Sheela Sakyi revealed that the free screening was an annual event marked by Dome kwabenya, Agbogba district globally and each all communities did something unique in their com­munity for the residents.

She explained that this year was the second time the health screen­ing had been organised, hence the decision to do something different in the community.

“This year we chose medical screening, this year it could be something else. We look at what is urgently required in the community and we provide that,” Lawyer Sheela Sakyi explained.

Lawyer Sheela Sakyi expressed her excitement over the turnout for the health screening, saying that it was a clear indication that the resi­dents cared about their health.

“These people are very recep­tive, they are out in their numbers and they are going through the screening and hopefully we should be able to impact positively in their lives,” she explained.

She added that medical doctors provided free consultations to the patrons; however, persons who needed further medical attention were referred to the nearest hospi­tal for treatment.

“At the end of the day, we want the people who patronise this outreach to have a feel of what it means to obtain medical care from Godly people. Also in the course of the screening patrons are given tips from the bible that would help them stay healthy,” Lawyer Sheela Sakyi explained.

The story by Fada Amakye from Daily Sun Media and Top radio

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