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Desmond K. Abrefah To Contest 2024 Presidential Elections as an independent candidate

Desmond K. Abrefah To Contest 2024 Presidential Elections as an independent candidate

Desmond K. Abrefah To Contest 2024 Presidential Elections as an independent candidate.

Desmond Kwame Abrefah, the president of Save the Nation Movement has declared his intention to contest the 2024 general election as an independent presidential candidate.

Speaking at a media engagement in Accra, Mr Abrefah said his call was to every well-meaning Ghanaian to join the paradigm revolution vision to provide a government that works to protect and bring stability to the people.

According to him, when elected to steer the affairs of the country in the upcoming general elections, he will retrieve all government properties that have been abandoned by the past leaders and fix them all before establishing new ones.

He mentioned that, despite the country having all the resources to provide comfort for its citizenry has headed in the wrong direction with its natural resources being mismanaged.

The independent candidate further bemoaned the economic crisis fraught with the youth coupled with
the high unemployment rate, he attributed this to the voting of the wrong leaders. He underscored the need to have a government that served the needs of the people with a concise coherent plan to tackle unemployment underemployment.

On agriculture, he said, Ghana was a net importer of food and had the capacity and the people, capable of making Ghana a leader in exported agricultural products.

He suggested that by changing the agricultural policies and setting a new course that encouraged sustainable modern farming methods, Ghana could and must become a major food producer.

“The reason why we are coming to join politics this year, 2024, is that we have realized our country’s focus and where it’s heading towards is not what we expected it to be. Our water bodies, lands, and other natural resources are being destroyed without anyone fixing them up,” Mr Abrefah said.

‘Our vision is to find a leader who can move our country to the next level. Ghana as a country must be a model for the whites to also know that indeed, the blacks also have the wisdom and knowledge to run their own affairs without running to them for ideological support.

I am such a kind of leader, and that is why “Save the Nation Movement” came to rescue the country and to place it where every good country aims to be. Wherever every good country intends to be, that is where I will move to Ghana, with the support of Ghanaians when elected as the President of the Republic of Ghana come December 2024,” he stated.

Mr Abrefah, therefore called all Ghanaians, irrespective of their political colours to join the movement to save the nation.

Story by Fada Amakye from Daily Sun

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