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HEYOME APP introduces new mobile banking application

HEYOME APP introduces new mobile banking application

HEYOME APP introduces new mobile banking application

HEYOME APP has released its new mobile banking application (App) which delivers superior customer experience through its superbly en­hanced features and great benefits. The enhanced App, which re­places the current one, comes with more exciting features.

Described as “a superbly enhanced tool which offers a great customer experience”, the enhanced HEYOME APP can be navigated effortlessly by customers to access its offerings.

These include instant transfers, creation and manage­ment of term deposits, initiation and management of standing. instructions, payment of a variety of bills, wallet to bank services, generation of statements, blocking and unblocking of card and PIN resets, among others.

According to Mr. John k. Azanu said, “we are celebrating our new app anniversary as a mobile money and what better time to make all our stakeholders see how committed we remain to delivering on our promise to partner them for life by introducing the HEYOME Mobile App with its enhanced features to bring more convenience and security to all who walk with us on our jour­ney to excellence.”

He said, “This App’s strongest point is the great customer experi­ence it offers. With it our custom­ers will be empowered to com­fortably undertake a wide range of actions from wherever they happen to be. This is yet another testament of our commitment to leverage technology to deliver exciting solu­tions to our customers’ benefit. We entreat everyone to get the App in order to experience the positive changes it brings into their lives.”

Speaking to the issue of the bank’s use of technology, Mr John k Azanu has remained focused on delivering improved value to our customers and indeed other stakeholders over the years.
He said, “Technology offers exciting solutions to financial

services hinged on convenience and security. Additionally, technol­ogy offers us alternate channels and thereby an improved coverage and availability. We will therefore continue to innovate, as well as mi­grate best global practices in order to offer best-in-class products and services to our customers.”

Story by Fada Amakye from Top radio and Daily

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