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Strengthening Private Education: A Strategic Partnership between GNACOPS and UEW

Strengthening Private Education: A Strategic Partnership between GNACOPS and UEW

Strengthening Private Education: A Strategic Partnership between GNACOPS and UEW

The Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) and the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance the professionalism of teachers and school management in the private education sector.

The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has been a leading institution in Ghana’s education sector, mandated to train teachers, conduct research, and provide evidence-based policy briefs. The Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) is an administrative council for private pre-tertiary education in Ghana, representing and advocating for private schools, addressing regulatory matters, and promoting innovation and adaptability.

Parties Involved:
The partnership involves GNACOPS, led by National Executive Director Obenfo Nana Kwasi Gyetuah, and UEW, led by Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Jobson Mitchual.

The primary objective of this MoU is to foster a robust framework for professional development and capacity-building among private school educators and administrators.

Courses to be Offered:
The partnership will offer various programs, including Certificate, Diploma, Degree, and Master’s Programs in basic education, as well as competency-based programs for school leaders. These programs aim to enhance teaching methodologies, educational outcomes, and leadership skills.

Mode of Delivery:
The programs will be delivered through a combination of:

– Face-to-face learning
– Sandwich learning (-intensive sessions during school breaks)
– Distance learning (online and correspondence)
– Training centers established across the country, providing easy access and convenience for participants.

Competency-Based Learning:
The partnership will offer school management and leadership programs for school owners and administrators, focusing on:

– Strategic planning and management
– Financial management and sustainability
– Human resource management and development
– Quality assurance and improvement
– Educational leadership and governance

Registration and Commencement:
Registration for the programs will begin in July, and courses will commence in August.

Financial Support Arrangements:
To ensure affordability and accessibility, financial sponsorships and subsidized fees will be available for GNACOPS members.

This partnership is crucial for regulatory compliance, as the majority of private school employees lack formal training. The National Training Council and the National Schools Inspectorate Authority require private schools to meet specific standards, including trained staff. This partnership ensures that private schools can meet these requirements, avoiding potential sanctions and ensuring quality basic education for students.

The partnership between GNACOPS and UEW is a testament to the power of collaboration in driving educational progress. By joining forces, these two institutions are poised to make a significant impact on the professionalism and effectiveness of private education in Ghana.

Obenfo Nana kwasi Gyetuah
National Executive Director

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